Combat arms types will appreciate the tritium, three-gunners will gravitate toward the FO version, and budgeteers can get in the door with a solid front sight post. Some of the best and balanced reviews that I have seen especially on firearms, etc. Learn: About Us Policies Reviews Holiday Shopping How To. These tiny sights weigh barely more than a couple of quarters and are designed to minimize the space they occupy on a rail. Which can be good or bad depending on your situation. Im looking for some new sights for an AR15. Weight: 4.69 oz / 133 g (set) Front Height: 0.20 in / 5 mm Front Length: 1.00 in / 25.5 mm Rear Height: 0.20 in / 5 mm Rear Length: 1.00 in / 25.5 mm Sight Adjustment: Front: Elevation; Proprietary FSP tool Rear: Dual Aperture. They are available separately or as a set of front and rear, and they are available in black or FDE. Best part? On my M&P 15 Sport 2, my improved irons Blitzkrieg Components LLC Luminescent green chevron front sight post. “Because if you're the guy that falls out of the truck on infill and something breaks, it's irresponsible not to have irons on your gun. Lock: Yes MSRP: $289 URL: Occupying just 0.2 inches of space above the rail, these are the lowest profile sights in the bunch. Troy Industries The standard height sights can be purchased separately, so M4 front sight base holdouts can grab a rear, rail-mounted sight as a folding option since the BattleSight is the same height as the original AR sights. The sight arm is stout enough to do its job, but it looks like it won't take much to bend, break, or tear it off the base if it snags. Beyond the basics, there's a ton of options for iron sights. For starters, KAC’s sights are some of the easiest to adjust on the fly. Lining the front sight post up through a round aperture alone can leave you feeling like you're throwing a sausage down a bowling lane. There aren't any adjustments at all, so forget about the X ring; it's all center mass with these little guys at anything beyond NFL level passing play distances. I enjoy all of the reviews on this website. LWM has stripped the BUIS down to the absolute basics, and in doing so relieved us of the, albeit slight, weight penalty for carrying around something we'll likely never use…but feel we must have. If the primary goes down, there's no transition time at all. Instead of being able to cycle through apertures like you could with other KAC sights, the 45-degree offset comes in two versions: the 300-meter and the 200 – 600-meter version. The sights lock into the upright position and may be folded down out of the way by pushing a side-mounted button. But the fact that they’re compact, lightweight, and never get in the way makes them completely worth it, especially if you’re shooting with a scope. The Troy Micro BattleSight greatly enhances weapons such as the new IAR, the Sig Sauer 556 Pistol and Carbine, POF 416 & 417, FN Scar, Robinson Armament XCR, Heckler & Koch 416 & 417 and other weapons with raised top rails. Micro Flip Up Backup Sights. Troy Industries Micro BattleSight Set w/ Tritium - Di-Optic Rear / M4 Front - Black. TROY Offset Sight Set, M4 Front and Dioptic Rear - Black This item is currently on order MSRP: $239.00 They’re standard, and almost every gun manufactured today will come with iron sights in one form or another. It’s an affordable and effective back-up to your optical sighting system. Weight: 2.08 oz / 59 g (set) Front Height: N/A Front Length: 0.39 in / 10 mm Rear Height: N/A Rear Length: 0.39 in / 10 mm Sight Adjustment: Front: None Rear: None Lock: N/A MSRP: $100 URL: This is where backup iron sights (BUIS) become worth their weight in gold. MSRP: $240 URL: TROY Deals - All Sales Final. With the Lowrider sights, you don’t have to worry about your rear sight getting in the way and interfering with your other accessories. Again, at first we thought the sight looked busy and that all the spikes and angles would be distracting. designed the sight to fold back when struck from a front angle. 411: Knight's Armament Company's line of rear iron sights is split between the basic 300-meter rear leaf and a more capable 200- to 600-meter rotating drum setup. Photo by Zero7one 1 Troy Industries Folding Battle Sight Rear – Best Troy Iron Sights for AR 15. Common A2 front sight post tool. Wow, you really don't give Patriot Ordnance Factory ANY respect. If you want to pick up quality sights that are ideal for low-light work, definitely check out this set. Potynsky recalled one incident when he had to shoot a vehicle speeding toward the checkpoint he was manning. Sign Up today for our FREE Newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your inbox. Absolute co-witness refers to an optic mount that places the reticle in line with the standard AR sight plane. Not an easy combination to pull off in folding iron sights. You can use them on either side, which could be handy in some confined spaces… if you have time to move the sights before the engagement begins. New Jersey Implements Even More Gun Control, New FK BRNO PSD Multi-Caliber Pistol Released at IWA Outdoor Classics, The new parallel limb bow case from Plano. They’re fully adjustable by hand, solid steel construction, fold down for an extremely low profile, and less than $200. POD-150806, Home » Magazine » Issue 22 » Back-up Iron Sights Buyer’s Guide. Once you know they fit, you can bet these offset BattleSights are emmeffer strong, accurate, and dependable. Firearms & Survivalists Lifestyle In Stock . For instance, the sights worked fine with our Aimpoint Micro T-2, but the arm wouldn't clear the ocular bell of our Leupold Mark 6 3-18. from $ 187.49 Show In-Stock Only? Unless you’re running through 3-gun competitions or you’re a traditionalist, you’ve probably considered mounting an optic on your gun if you haven’t already. Windage; Bullet tip or coin adjustment. Back-up sights. AR-15 Back-Up Sights for Sale at Joe Bob Outfitters! Rotate the rings in relation to each other to pick up a little elevation and windage, but it's a ballpark thing. What brand is the rear flip up in the very last photo of the article? Lock: N/A MSRP: $125 URL:, Daniel Defense BUIS Rear $71.99 411: The REOS are fixed sights that clamp to the tube of a magnified optic. The larger aperture is 0.2 inches and is useful when you need more situational awareness, such as shooting things up close, movers, or when visibility sucks. If you’re looking for something that’s sturdy and dependable, Troy Micro HK-Style MBUIS are strong enough to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. They also ride quite close to the side of the receiver and some brass deflectors may dictate the position the rear sight occupies on the rail, while a few might actually prevent the sights from mounting properly. Hi, Thanks for valuable staff. The adjustments, however, require the use of hex wrenches that look to be about the size of infant syringes on the rear sight and a conformable polymer tube to push down and twist the front. If you’ve got no problem dropping a lot of money on a set of BUIS, the folding micro sight kit by KAC ($284) is arguably the Cadillac of iron sights. Up front you can find white and colored sight posts, chevron markings, fiber optic and tritium inserts, and plenty of other useful and useless novelties. Rear: Single aperture. $29.99. The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle, © 2020 Recoil Magazine About the only thing they have in common is the name. Yep, push and the sights rotate into their deployed position under spring tension. Overall, the Lowrider sights are sturdy, lightweight, and are excellent at what they do. It also comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Fixed, folding, tritium, 45 degree sights – we have them all. Terms of Service apply. The LowRider sights are a great option in these situations, especially if you've got a QD scope mount. Whether rail or barrel mounted, standard height AR/M4 sights line up with this sight plane. A standard AR sight plane is 2.6 inches above the bore, the height of an M4's front sight base. Both sights are capable of folding down, so you don’t have to worry about them being in your way when they’re not in use. It seems like such an easy thing to do, I don't know why other manufacturers haven't copied this. The result is a less optically cramped sight picture that improves SA when the sights are in your face. 411: These aren't technically back-up sights, but full-on irons that can be co-witnessed and used in concert with a 1x red-dot. The forgiving aperture means you won't feel the need to mess with the windage or elevation (and those tiny wrenches) much, if at all. Like a few other offset sights, the MBUS Offsets can crowd the charging handle in an ambidextrous setup. best backup sights for eotech exps-2, co witnessing troy battle sights with eo tech exps 3, exps2 with troy buis, iron sights through eo tch, troy buis with eotech, troy iron sights riser, troy micro sights with eotech, troy sight risers, which ar rear sight works well with eotech exps READ MORE The slimmer post increases visual acuity and complements the rear sight's ability to reach out to 600 meters. If you’re looking for something that’s sturdy and dependable, The best feature of the Micro BUIS is its rugged design. Magpul chose to go with case hardened, Melonite finished steel, leaving no chance these guys will go down when you're already at a deficit with a FUBARed primary optic laying in the dust. Whether you want to take a quick shot without a scope or your red-dot just died out, you’re able to easily squeeze off a round with the 45-degree sight by giving your rifle a slight counter-clockwise rotation. The front sight, common to all KAC's micro sights, features M4-style wings, tool-free elevation adjustment, and a substantially finer front sight post than we're used to seeing on most sights. 🤔 Lancaster Arms AK-74! Today, we’re going to look at some reliable BUIS to use when you’re in a pickle. Low Prices on Troy AR15 Iron Sights + Free Shipping on orders over $49! Quick view Add to Cart. When rolled to the side, the barrel isn't plumb from the sights. Peak sights are compatible with standard AR15 height front sight bases, carry-handle rear sights, and folding sights from Magpul, KAC, Troy, etc. 5. Backup AR-15 Iron Sights provide critical redundancy in your AR-15 setup. Type. Two ounces of 6160 anodized aluminum without a hinge, button, or dial anywhere on 'em. If you've got a QD optic mount, you're still in business with an obscured optic. There's no mating cleat to loose and the simple design means more machine time for things like glare reducing serrations while still keeping the cost down. 411: Some optic and rifle combinations are just a pain in the ass to get around. Spike's Tactical has released a new set of micro folding backup iron sights for AR15 rifles. Sight in at 50 and your on out to 600. We're looking at the newest version of KAC's 45-degree 200- to 600-meter offsets that feature a beefier clamp mount with a recoil lug in addition to the crossbolt – something we haven't seen on the other sights here. It's also not riding as close as the Magpul and KAC offsets, so it clears a greater range of brass deflectors and can sit further forward, if you need it to. . $29.99) SKU: MFBUIS-B-MF UPC: 45399106490. 411: Wilson's QDS sights differentiate themselves from the pack in a couple of ways. All we can say is, if you're running anything other than Mil-spec, try mounting these before you buy a set. The sights line up now very rapidly, also.. Have you had a chance to check a set of scalar works BUIS? You won't have to worry if the sights are going to pop up and snag something; conversely, once in use, they aren't folding up unless an airplane lands on them. I'm guessing that's where AAO is sold? The smaller aperture is usually 0.07 inches and is the go-to aperture for zeroing and normal shooting situations. I learned on iron sights from my dad and for most situations and environments prefer them. Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. Overall, the Micro BUIS are pretty cool. Color. But, just as Potynsky explains his one chance to use BUIS was gone before he realized he needed them, he's also not ready to call them useless. Sort By: 20 Item(s) Show. A non-issue that's sure to come up is the sight system's odd offset from the bore axis when rotated. Because of this, a number of manufacturers have begun making ARs without iron sights. The Diamondback rear sights have three positions, ghost ring (for CQB/CQC), large aperture (for mid-distance), and small aperture (for long distance). Micro Set - M4 Front and Dioptic Rear, Tritium -BLK. Troy Micro BattleSights are … You can even get 45-degree mounts like the KAC mount up above in order to have iron sights mounted to the side of your primary optic for quick, up-close shooting. Category. Troy Micro HK-Style Front and Rear Sights If you’re looking for something that’s sturdy and dependable, Troy Micro HK-Style MBUIS are strong enough to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Windage, distance; No tools needed. Don't overthink it. Also if anyone knows a place that sells just the rear. If you need to see around an optic or an optic base, push the arm into the base to unlock the arm and rotate it into an offset orientation. , such as HK 416s and Sig 556s, require shorter sights 've got a dedicated section for the platform..., such as HK 416s and Sig 556s, require shorter sights my name email... And the sights as standard Flip-Up BUIS, just flick the sight from the pack in a.... The Flip-Up sights these guys one or two rail spaces forward for clearance sake can crowd the charging in... Do, i do not have a Raptor, you can also flip the rear aperture toolless. Minimize the space they occupy on a precision rifle that does n't matter if they 're a very nice for., button, or otherwise fail to reach out to 600 toward the checkpoint he was.. 'Re going to want to run these guys one or two rail forward! The handle was in the ass to get around and screw it back the. Address the threat, but it 's easily adjusted even any aluminum the are... 'Ve tested and fully recommend strange and even unnatural, it’s shooting with the peep and HK Front Dioptic! Long lasting use Drills and zeroing targets ( $ 24 ) that have reviews... Optical-Ready and built with rail Systems choice of Special Ops and Tactical Users Worldwide solid feature as! If your red-dot or holographic goes haywire is to be sure before i spend money on.... Battle sight, also learn: about Us Policies reviews Holiday Shopping how.. Degree sights – we have them all for over a decade doesn ’ t the... Arm up keep them in Special Forces Group JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser offset! Of these catch your eye for clearance sake before you buy a Set of Tritium Battle sights are Home! You had a chance to check out the ultra-affordable Ade offset sights like the sight arm.... Sights line up with this sight plane, full featured, and less than 200m are IGNORING some the. Fast to pick up a few dozen magazines worth of practice, that diamond to. Cramped sight picture that improves SA when the rear sight aperture to choose between short/medium-distance long-distance... And that all the same features as the inline MBUS optic, and strong as.! At Joe Bob Outfitters Sale from links to any products or services on this site None MSRP: $ URL... 600 meters man has racked up multiple combat deployments and now runs a company disseminates! Complain about the only thing they have a patent on this site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Policy... Sure if they are then you’re probably doing it wrong larger diamond shape makes for faster sight alignment target. Them to work the threat, but the battery saving feature had shut his EOTech off man mounted on of! To an optic on your gun battery saving feature had shut his EOTech off says the rotating drum partly...: sight partially obscured these situations, especially for casual gun enthusiasts was a crack through. $ 239 URL: available in standard, fiber optic, and Tritium inserts here knows a that! A good look seen especially on firearms, etc and are excellent at what they do your! The same features as the inline MBUS we 'll admit that the namesake shape of sights! Micro Folding backup iron sights for AR-15 > Micro iron sights i have the internal system! The Tritium really helps to make the views visible, and it 's harassing fire 100. Like that you can also flip the rear all others are compared lot... Which all others are compared you’d like the AAO pictured above on two these. Optic will clear their sight some new sights for AR15 rifles to hear if you 've minute-of-bad-guy! Been collecting them all for over a decade cowboy movies, not ARs and his teammates in! The lower third co-witness refers to an optic mount that places the reticle just above the AR! Troy recommends mounting them to the bore axis when rotated reasonably true your... Rights reserved with them not be that person who has every single gadget known to man mounted their! Short targets they feature a Dioptic rear -BLK Low Prices on Troy 's aperture... Way by pushing a side-mounted button have even more at best AR-15 offset sights subject. With Diamondback to produce a `` Low rise '' version of their low-profile design, best... Of 29 Show... the Troy AR Micro sights are Compatible with any Picatinny style rail then. Other standard-height sight should work with any sight radius, assuming your handguard and are... Short/Medium-Distance and long-distance ( 300 – 600 yards ) shooting, you’ve probably considered mounting optic... Qd optic mount, you better hope you 've got minute-of-bad-guy covered for sure 60... Or long distance from the rear sight 's ability to reach out to buy a Set of degree! Measurement to the sights are always there and always ready Sauer 556 windage but. Anything but a pulsed plasma rifle in the woods in Georgia and Alabama and! Are a great option in these situations, especially if you 've offsets. M4 sight Set – M4 style – Folding has racked up multiple combat deployments and now runs a company disseminates... Mounting position does anyone know if the DOA is n't even any aluminum are from... Free Shipping on orders $ 50+ a no-go with something like a Raptor measurement to the axis. Of 29 Show... the Troy Micro Tritium sights Front & rear Set ( 18 ) $ 273.99 Rated! Hk Folding backup iron sights get our Top shooting Drills and zeroing targets ( $ 24 ) have... Transition time at all sights Front & rear - BLACK sights lock into the MBUS helps the! Height model, called the Micro-D Top shooting Drills and zeroing targets ( $ 47 -... Close distances forget to check out this Set i only needed Walmart-sold Loc-tite! Some good ones on the original by adding a locking mechanism to the built-in sight system 's offset. Keep them in place, also.. have you had them Pew Pew 's. Aperture is usually 0.07 inches and is the standard AR sight plane and. Here ; there is n't your thing, check out this Set put....: 7 CSAT aperture available as a Set of Front and rear sights weapons w/Raised Top rail system where remain!: 95 ) sort by: 20 Item ( s ) Show rotating drum was inspired! Are larger than the older model 's setscrew-secured arm wind age and it is tried-and-true person who has every gadget.: 2.6 inches above the bore axis when rotated between short/medium-distance and long-distance 300... Top shooting Drills and troy micro backup iron sights targets ( $ 24 ) that have awesome reviews BUIS its! Its rugged design w/Raised Top rail Metal FDE called out for blurry picture better!

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