pre-blended mixture of sand and cements specially selected for masonry applications. Construction, Brick and Stone Type S mortar is a medium-strength mortar (minimum 1800 psi). BRICKLAYER 500. Go with SAKRETE, The Pros Choice since 1936. Compare ; Find My Store. - Concrete Slabs Add color with QUIKRETE® Stucco & Mortar Color (No. Use for tuck-pointing and sealing mortar joints in brick or block surfaces Texture and color blends with surrounding mortar It may be used to lay block, stone and brick, or as underlayment for slate, marble and tile. High Performance Cement FastSet™ Repair Mortar is a polymer modified shrinkage compensated, rapid setting, high strength mortar specifically formulated to make structural repairs in vertical and overhead applications. Item #68930 Model #114080. Hydrated Lime 3. Available in 30 KG bags. Grade dry pre-blended mixture of sand and cements specially selected for masonry applications. Curing is an integral part of the process of working with mortar, cement and concrete. The Amerimix 80 lb. Also can be custom pigmented to meet architectural specifications. QUIKRETE Mortar Mix is a pre-blended mortar used in the construction of brick, concrete block and stone walls. The standard formulation meets ASTM C270 and C1714 as Type S mortar. ... Commercial Grade 80-lb Gray Type-M Mortar Mix. For load-bearing walls requiring high compressive strength. Hover Over Image to Zoom. In addition, within these mortar types, there are mortars specifically designed for use in stone veneer and glass block installations. It can be used for both above and below grade masonry projects that require a high strength material. Thank you! Quikrete ® Mortar Mix – Type N. Quikrete® Mortar Mix (BOM #100533) is a blend of masonry cement and graded sand, designed to meet ASTM C 270 for Type N Mortar. // Spec Mix ® Portland Lime & Sand Mortar is a dry, preblended mortar mix containing Portland cement, hydrated lime and dried masonry sand formulated for superior bond, water retention and board life. - Application Instructor bags - 56 per pallet 80 lb. 5 parts N and one part fireclay is the correct formula for fire mortar 1 1 3 1 .Type S has twice as much lime in it for a 1 part portland 2 parts lime and 3 sand. the requirements of ASTM C270 types S, N, or M. Data Sheet Search for Products | FAQs | Service | This product is not warranted as suitable for any purpose or use other than the general purpose for which it is intended. Quikrete Masonry/Mortar Cement Blend Type M is a high-strength commercial grade dry pre-blended mixture of sand and cements specially selected for masonry applications. Approved for use in the HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) Exceeds the performance requirements of ASTM C 270 for Type M Mortar. The QUIKRETE Companies. Quantity Calculator, Careers | Media Center | It exceeds requirements of ASTM C928 R2 for structural concrete repair. QUIKRETE® Polymer Modified Veneer Stone Mortar is a contractor-grade polymer modified mortar designed for veneer applications and tuck-pointing of manufactured and natural stone for high bond strength, non-sag performance and reduced cracking. Sort By Featured. 25. 49 (1) Quikrete Quick-Setting Cement, 4... $19. Free Download! High performance cement by QUIKRETE® is a new line of fast-setting products which provide rapid strength gain while still delivering the necessary working time to successfully complete a project. To be used for laying of brick, block, stucco and other masonry applications Greater bond over Type N Mortars… View commercial projects built Ft. of mortar and will lay approximately 46 standard block or 144 standard bricks Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. QUIKRETE | Mortar Mix . REQUEST A COLORED MORTAR SAMPLE CLICK HERE PRODUCTS. One quick note, it is always better to add less water that too much when mixing your concrete. Item #234136. Site Map | Customer QUIKRETE Wall Float is a leveling mortar designed for vertical and overhead applications over tile, lath or concrete masonry for tile, marble, brick or. Use this pre-blended, Type S Mortar designed for laying concrete blocks, hard brick or stone.

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