‘About your being a complete failure? We start to go down, picking up more and more people who are trying to get home, and 3 of them are executives in my bosses social circle. I had to somehow delay the effects of the revenge so that they would be only noticeable after I was gone. Well, months went by, our court date came up, and my lawyer recommended that I file for the sole use of the vehicle and the property since it was obvious that she had committed adultery and didn’t have a leg to stand on. “I worked for an events hire company. The kid who was supposed to be in that room slept elsewhere so he wouldn’t get woken by someone coming in every 20-30 minutes, unrolling the hose, hooking it up, turning on the water, giving the car a good misting, and rolling up the hose again. Mom looks around and asks me if I could watch her child. Yep. He played his part perfectly. Join Facebook to connect with Jackie Weller Former Parmiter and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share … They’re still fixated on $30k, and here we pick up the conversation. The water was easy but it took a while for the power because they had to remove all the wires running to the pole and remove the transformer. AD FOLLOWED ME HOME!!! So I moved out that very night to sleep on another nurse’s couch. So, my wife felt the need to break the news to me before she had the baby because she could no longer hide it. The pastor does his thing and says some words and what not then comes the part where he asks if anyone thinks they shouldn’t be married they must speak now. Back at the station, A is being questioned by police. I concluded the training and didn’t say anything else. Finally, he resigned. I told her that I was upset. However, my mom said that we already gave it to them, and starting conflicts with family members can be a real pain in the ass. A lot of expensive software. Then the fun starts. No punishments, no scoldings or groundings and the rest of the weekend went off without a hiccup. It’s not that we couldn’t have a laugh about it or anything, it’s just that I don’t want her reconciling with him again.” Spodson Neither of them was willing to have that conversation and any degree of congeniality between my roommate and myself utterly disintegrated. We’re Too Smart To Let You Off The Hook, 17. Getting so bad to the point that if I got out of line even in the slightest little bit for any reason from not sitting properly to coughing or breathing too loud while she spoke, I would get sent to the detention hall for seemingly no apparent reason. Tell us if you’ve ever hatched an act of revenge like this! Most people end up moving out of my city or commuting over an hour where all the good jobs are at. Until I found a group following in my area that needed a handyman to do a variety of things. I ask a saleslady to help me find the most useless cheap kitchen crap on this list. They had an idea of what they wanted. Someone who worked for the Owner did, so he got it. It smelled strongly of bleach. The talk went like this: Then, some years later, Mega brought a friend home from university. Thanks, Management.’ My revenge was to smash it to bits and pieces with my baseball bat and lay it all out on his bedroom floor just to f*ck with him. She called me in for a meeting and exploded. ‘Hi all, hope you’re enjoying your day. Quite a few moms also told her to not be slutty as it was a bad influence on their sons. Mrs. B knew exactly what was about to happen. We couldn’t have asked for a better setup. I do my best to explain, I’m on call and need to get out of my driveway to go to work, she comes back sloshing a Natural Light exclaiming, ‘It’s a party, relax!!!! As I was sitting in my dining room, I look out the window and nearly choke on my noodles. He proceeded to ask Sheila a series of questions, including: “Where was my client during the time at which your child was conceived?”, “Do you know who the father of your child is?”, “Have you received child support from the father of your child?”. Join. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. my5t3ryon We got up every morning at 4A M to do farm work with feeding cows, chickens, and pigs. I opened his window, disconnected all of the wires, and waited for him to see what was about to happen. I told him what happened and he said ‘Just a minute, I’ll be right back,’ and proceeded to rip that woman a new one about her attitude towards me. I knew how manipulative Lilith could be. Turns out Richard is infamous for making threats like this but because nobody took them seriously, I was the first to remind him he had no authority over other departments. In fact, she had sent him numerous sexual texts, and on two occasions openly invited him to have sex with her, once in the office and once at his home even after he had made it clear he wasn’t going to do anything with her. Do you think you can do my lawn?’, Me: ‘Hmm if you pay me by the hour I’ll be happy to work.’, Me: ‘Because I helping you compete against me, I want some profit out of it.’. This was a bit of light teasing, I will admit, but it progressively got worse as the year went on. Nope. The interrogation went as expected and K, our more…erm.. expressive sister blew up (figuratively) at my mother. If she wants me to speak English here have it. She managed the entire place and 3 kids all by herself and he wouldn’t lift a finger. Company B was a retail store, with a bigger staff than I had been used to, somewhere around 50 employees but had such a huge employee turnaround that it was scary at times. So they naturally took her to court for their money back as they lost money attending the festival. I was close enough to hear it myself. the same stuff any soldier gets. Our mastermind. 12 10 8 & 16 More. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy seeing what happens when crazy, ticked-off lovers get back at their cheating exes. They then take off and I watch them drive away and I keep watching for a few moments to make sure they are not coming back. 8. They didn’t have a car or anything and used a local program for people in poverty to get access to transpiration. The domain metaspoon.com uses a Commercial suffix and it's server(s) are located in US with the IP number and it is a .com domain. The unmistakable headboard against the wall with slight, barely audible womanly moans coming from the bedroom. 13. After reading these texts, I woke him up and immediately told him to GTFO as we were done. My lawyer has already liquidated most of my assets except the house. Her friends and then she accepted the facebook request. I am especially disappointed in my two sons, but I wanted to be really fair and not biased, so I came up with a point system –, A letter/phonecall: 1 point + 1 extra if it is very long, A visit: 2 points per hour plus 1 point per hour of travel to me and back, Helping me out with something: 3 points per hour. I sprung out of my bed, and yelled ‘WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM? Anyway, long story short… he came home early one day. My son is only talking. Scam My Brother Out Of $1,500? If anyone has been on a school internet connection, you would know that there are certain websites you cannot visit. I mean you know exactly how to mess someone up right? CPO: certified pre-owned. The listing I gave you was for a white long bed king ranch. I told EVERYONE I talked to that he was the one stealing food. And they wanted me to simplify it, even though I had made an extensive manual on how to make it work. So I call back Organizer. So to explain this, Portugal has a law that you can make noise from 8 am to 6 pm. I was also threatened to be put into a boy’s home away from my sister if I ever told anyone about how Linda treated us. This is where the revenge party starts. “This is a long post, you’ve been warned. This was pretty much all they needed to fully implicate Drake. 19. She looks at me. Even as I type this out now I still get that same chill running down my spine and I can see her eye’s glaring at me in the mirror. Pick On Me Because Of Our Family’s Past? GET THE F*CK OUT RIGHT THE FU*K NOW BEFORE I LOSE MY F*CKING SH*T.’. We posted the box had dinner and I went home. I’d have to fire the manager.’, I said, ‘Well Joe has something he wants to show you.’. The judge had decided I was in the right (thanks to my logs and copyright lines in the code) but also asking for too much as it would utterly bankrupt B and C. So I would get €20.000 and be reimbursed for legal costs, totaling about €35.000. How I had to make a point and get back at my father for how he had treated me. I sometimes wouldn’t eat some days just to save that little bit of money. We would get dropped off at the social worker’s office where our parents would walk with us to the local park and play. I’ll Take Care Of It Myself. They work at a restaurant so I also have friends dine and dash. “I’m not normally a devious man, but even I have my limits. For the contract, I had a right to 25% of the finished product’s income, basic stuff. It was a simple park, about the size of a football field with a playground in one corner and the rest, all grass. I finally felt free. 32. During the post-dinner hanging around on Thanksgiving, my sister decided to give me s*it about the bad couple months I’d had. An older guy, probably in his 50s, walks in. What happens when you mix seething patience with pain and a penchant for payback? My parents had never raised a hand to us growing up and treated us with the love kids need. She goes on to tell us the importance of telling the truth and makes an example out of me. Even women older than him and newlyweds! So instead, I invented a fictitious ‘furious friend’ who was planning on showing up to the next Board meeting and publicly shaming the two of them for their affair. Would that be ok with everyone?’ Turns out that’s a no and I downgrade his project. But this one guy, we’ll call him A, doesn’t even make an offer. And, apparently, RM had been storing their used condoms in his desk drawer. My brain thinks back to the days of ‘Home Alone’ (the movie) and all the traps I made as a kid, inspired by a young Macaulay Culkin. He does as she says because it’s her van and she kicks me out onto a sidewalk. The police get there to figure this must be a break in. The whole affair part didn’t bother me (too much). As most of our dogs roamed the street she could not say it was happening deliberately. We had multiple meetings and provided far, far too many quotes and prices, but eventually, it paid off and she signed off to work with us! While waiting for Nice Dad, I picked up one of our sale-books (box with damaged books that we try to sell with huge discount before throwing away). It puts a smile on my face when I know that they just wasted a budget for nothing.” bochechas2 “Guys, I know this is long, but I assure you…this is a juicy one. My parents are both crying and they have already signed the paperwork weeks ago. She started rattling off a debt that was back in 1995. SM takes the list from my hand and rips it in half. For good measure, I attached one of those alarm key chains to the tripwire (One of those rape-prevention keychains that blast a very loud alarm if you remove the pin), so I could confront the perpetrator in the act. ‘A’ left to go on a date with her boyfriend she made the year before and N sat in her room on her computer (a giant PC of a thing linked into a separate line so the dial-up wouldn’t fudge up our phone systems.) 19. I call her out on it, she defends it. A GOES BRIGHT WHITE AND IS SO CONFUSED AND SCARED I ALMOST POOPED MYSELF LAUGHING. I know why the towing company didn’t let them use a tire iron as it was going to be a better lucrative idea to charge them the full price of a tow. Make the arrest and bring him in.’ They were actually really surprised at how well we set this up for them and how smoothly it all went down. I arrived home that day (with extra soap and shampoo this time). Even if you weren’t stealing this truck, and you absolutely are, my time isn’t free. There was a large group of the other children in the class ahead of me and by the looks of her, I thought that she was going to be genuinely nice. It wasn’t clear who we were waiting on until an hour later Contractor walks in with his usual stained T-shirt and cargo shorts, while I am in a nice dress shirt and tie. They did not want my input on anything. I told my dad I was gay—the perfect revenge…, 12. He seemed like a wealthy, trustworthy guy so I didn’t mind having an ‘off the books’ deal with him. I was managing my parent’s flower garden and I worked really hard for about 2 hours. My department heads brought me in for meetings to apologize and commend me on my excellent work and I got a promotion. I’ll Just Call Crime Stoppers, 30. Fast forward another year. He started putting on his pants and I said HELL NO no, GTFO right now with what you have. My deposit was $350 so pocketing an extra $650 is completely worth it. Later that week I heard from a mutual friend that his mom has actually kicked him out of the house, which honestly I wasn’t sure if she really would – she’s notorious for not following through on threats. Thus begins: Grudge Gifting. Again, nothing major. Between roach burgers, pools of squid and 30 cars getting impounded at once, you’re in a for a pro revenge treat. The added bonus? I told her I wanted to record her for her twenty-first birthday. I had to buy candy bars and soda to eat, and a co-worker shared some of his remaining lunch with me. So, a couple of years ago, my former best friend ran for a Board of Education seat as a pretty extreme underdog. She told me she had been flirting with him and she was hungry for it. They had a school housing program where they would put four students in a two bedroom apartment. At this point, I feel the need to try and get out of there so I start telling my cousin to let’s go. Little Girl wanted to be with Nice Dad but that doesn’t matter. So eff her. All of my flaws, insecurities, and secrets I entrusted to my partner were now fodder for her and JBC. I was no longer going to let them control me and keep me down. Tad was in front of me, in his Audi A4. I don’t say anything about receiving her texts for 2 months. My friend called me around 7:00 am on a Sunday morning and told me to get over to his house ASAP. Mega was rather defeated by this point but I told him that if his friendship with Nick meant anything, he had to get him away from that demon spawn before he lost his friend for good. I was constantly being called ‘poor’ and laughed at for driving ‘such a cheap piece of sh*t.’ In reality, my family was actually decently well off. 2 weeks later Karen was called to HR and told her contract was not being renewed and she was given 1 month’s notice. My family gets together in a rural-ish cabin. This guy is actually a sociopath. Meanwhile, the other detective is waiting patiently for A. At first, I was afraid someone had seen me. I crouch down to stay hidden and think to myself, ‘Crap, here I am catching her cheating on me and I’m about to be the one that gets caught…’. B had to sell her car to get the money and couldn’t get a mortgage for the house she wanted to buy. Her uncle asked to see the keys, and upon receiving them, began taking the car key off of the ring, and waved me forward. Finally, Owner calls me and wants me to come to his house for a beer and to ‘talk business.’ (We’ve done this a few times before. My roommate cleared his stuff out of the room while I was in my last final. After she got that information I sent her boyfriend over to start talking about cars with them. Sounded amazing, so I went into their offices sat with them for a chat and started the same day. They are really cheap on saving money. In fact, I got a list for ya right h-…’. Here, there are previous infractions, years of history, and typically, lots of moving parts. Now I could’ve told him about the Ninja Report, I could’ve said a lot of things but I just smiled, looked him in the eyes and said, ‘As long as I’m working here the schedule isn’t changing.’ Predictably Richard responds, ‘THEN YOU’RE FIRED.’ I grab my things and leave. That blood-curdling wince and then eventual cry was absolute MUSIC to my ears. I also complained to the Federal Consumer Finance Bureau who is supposed to be looking into these issues. So we talk about getting out of debt while I’m gone. People Share Their Ultimate Pro Revenge Stories. They get vitamins in place of treats, but those vitamins have to be given only twice a day. I celebrated his call by deleting all of the footage I had taken of that major event, the budget for the event was over a million dollars, and a lot of that footage was the only proof he had even done the event. I could get a bus ticket and make my way down to TX but I don’t have the first idea where a bus station is. Arrest him now!’, PO2: ‘Sir, calm down. Her other son Chase was the oldest and he was a plumber. When he heard me running towards him, he grabbed the shampoo and, still bent over with the feeling of balls in his stomach, he hurried away. The end of my neighborhood has a Pokestop that I collect items from every day, as you get bonus items if you collect from stops every day. My friend is furious, but I calmly put my hand on him and keep talking. Being as I had gotten into an accident recently and was trying to be as safe as possible, I stopped the car, rolled down my window, and asked if he was alright. The teacher went to the bathroom and came back with one girl who was caught smoking in the bathroom with some high school kids. Do Drugs And Lie About It? I’ve always loved medicine and this whole thing has never changed my view of it. This story is the story of the grandfather of my dear friend, and how he dealt with doling out the family’s inheritance in a very unique way. The house is actually in decent shape, just a little small. Since I have learned how to do this from real professionals, he asks me to show him, so his grandpa does not yet have to go into a retirement home (he later admitted grandpa said he would rather kill himself then get into a nursing home, and he seemed really serious about it. Don’t tell him the price and mark it up $2,500.’. And I did exactly what I said I’d do. So my mom confronted him about it. I told him to keep the cash and let them know you took care of the taxes. I’ll need a permit to close off the road as the home sits near a public road and I had to have the water shut off and the power disconnected. He took me to see navy ships, races, made me take a martial art. No excuses, no exceptions. Really easy to get this as I still had access to their servers and could remote into each computer. Two weeks later, I get a call from Brideszilla trying to tactfully inquire about gift receipts…. One user sums up what makes for a tasty pro revenge story, saying that it typically has a villain with an absolute lack of morals and a hero who approaches the situation reasonably and rationally. So, I find myself with another bridesmaid (who is also mightily sick of this garbage as well) standing in Macy’s looking over the registry and I get a bright idea. You have to actually work if you want anything else from me.’. Being shown pictures of myself asleep with their underthings arranged on my pillow was not okay. I cry every day. He simply cut the alarm keychain off from the string it was tied to, probably thinking that was the only purpose of the string. Police are called immediately, B is arrested and her house is raided. He asked his coworkers at his job if they were also selling a computer they bought since the company bought them all laptops. Scumbag landlord, after 2-3 hours, seemed pleased with my work and instructed me to meet him at a café the next day to hand over the cash. I guess being a jerk is a genetic trait lol. I tried to ask her why to see if she would say anything at all– no dice. For some reason, I felt the urge that night to check his phone. However, some people would argue it's best served petty. A swat team executed a search warrant and busted into his house in the early morning hours, around the times I told when he was asleep. I learned pretty early on that I was just there to listen and make whatever they wanted. Like, really bad. C: ‘There is no way we’re paying this much. She starts acting distant. L, only seven years old, was more hesitant but was as easily distracted as I was and we ended up playing barbies for the rest of the day totally forgetting about our worries until dinner time. But this guy was one of the worst, it really stuck with me, because it was completely and totally undeserved. Watch Your Event Go Under. It was a direct hit to the backside. It was on this night that he drunk called me and threatened to kill me. We didn’t win the competition but EP came in last and was humiliated. Also, in order to get to the family’s driveway, you had to drive through a soft turn. I made you one of my TWELVE bridesmaids out of respect for your relationship with my oldest friend! And I bought him the majority of his clothing throughout the years. Little Girl, happy like only kids can be if they think they did something smart or they knew something: “My surname is (surname).”. I removed half of the shampoo from the new bottle, mixing in hot sauce, red powder, and RubOn… If the thief bypassed my trap, this would ensure they receive some regret when they use the stolen goods. For her twenty-first birthday, she’d arranged to have her party at the house since it was huge and more than enough space for all of her university friends. So my brother sets up a little trap. Didn’t matter, I had exactly what I needed. She never called back and went ahead with the other supplier. Me: ‘I don’t know their laws either, this car is just a loaner, I live here in Illinois’, AD: ‘Then you should know the laws! I had already redirected my paycheck to a new bank. When we entered the foster care system it was a really scary time for us and I’ll never forget the screams of our parents as they ripped us from our home. Next week, however, came the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s in a quiet neighborhood, so it was all good until they started to do construction work in the apartment above. ... People Share Their Ultimate Pro Revenge Stories. The only downside was that current occupier was not the official landlord: he had a long-term lease but was forbidden by contract to sublet the apartment himself. After I left the day before, he had called the utility company and realized that he had an outstanding statement of around 2,000 euros. Just pleasantries. That night, I looked through his phone and found that he was cheating, yet again, with some random girl he’d met.

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