Works great in a stew! Alternative names: Bottom Round Oven Roast; Bottom Round Pot Roast; Bottom Round Rump Roast; Round Roast. For maximum flavor, don’t cook past medium rare. Best for: Searing and then finishing in a Dutch oven, or indirect grill and roast. Then again maybe you have more questions now. A lean steak, usually sold in thin cuts ¾” thick or less. Chef’s Tip: Cook only bite-size cubes for convenience and even doneness. To do it, you’ll either need indirect heat from your BBQ or, better yet, a dedicated smoker or combination grill and smoker such as a Kamado grill. The bonus is you can cook a small Eye of Round fairly quickly. Chuck Roast is an affordable, common cut of meat used for pot roasts. None of the cuts are as tender as their Sirloin neighbors, however, and many may benefit from a marinade. For more details, head over to our ribeye steak guide. We’ve also added an “others” section for some special cuts. Alternative names: Beef Plate Skirt Steak Boneless; Diaphragm; Fajita Meat; Fajita Steak; Inside Skirt Steak; Outside Skirt Steak; Philadelphia Steak. Similar to a Sirloin, except the bone and several surrounding muscles are removed. Cast iron holds heat very well and will tenderize tough meat with long and even cooking. Chef’s Tip: Sear your stew meat over high heat, and let it finish cooking in the stew for the best flavor. Chef’s Tip: Don’t waste this ultra-premium steak on your average backyard crowd; this is for meat-lovers only. Before you buy a 20-pound brisket, be sure you have somewhere to cook that monster! Brisket • Shank 17.2 lbs. 6/19/2016 01:48:06 pm. The hindquarters and shoulder area are both well-used parts of the cow, so these two cuts of meat are naturally pretty tough. Beef sirloin is another large section of the carcass that runs from the … The Flank is closer to the rear of the beef than the Skirt, and it, too, is fairly tough since it’s an active muscle zone. Where to Buy and How to Cook it, What is Top Blade Steak? CHUCK – The chuck is a large section containing about 40 pounds of meat and bones per side. Rump roast is cut from the hindquarters, and is a hefty cut of meat, weighing almost 15 pounds when whole. Boneless. It’s a lean and moist cut, usually 4 – 8 oz. A thin-cut steak sometimes called the Sirloin Flap. 410. is about average. A smallish roast formed by removing the Top Sirloin Cap. Alternative names: Boneless Blade Steak 1st Cut; Deluxe Blade Steak. Portion size leans toward the small side, usually 6 oz. It has a lot of beautiful marbling, so it cooks up tender and juicy with incredible flavor. Eye of Round Roasts or other round roasts are also great for pot roasts and they are cut from the rear leg of the cow. 80. Meat with good marbling doesn’t do well when cooked slowly in a stew because the fat just disappears into the liquid, leaving the meat tough and chewy. (dressed weight) carcass. The number and names of the primals vary from country to country. You’ll have to do a little extra cutting, but the flavor and the savings might make it worth your while. Great texture and delicious flavor – not just another pot roaster from the Chuck! Chef’s Tip: Keep your heat medium-high, and aim for medium rare. Great on sandwiches, or for feeding a small group at dinnertime. Marbling is evident in a good cut, and the flavor is intense. Beef has a lot to offer the barbecue lover, and there’s something to please every palate. The four- to five-pound bottom round sector is recommended for cube steaks or ground beef. Alternative names: Beef Cubes for Kabobs; Diced Beef; Shish Kebob. This is one of the few lean cuts from the Chuck. Yes, a Porterhouse is two steaks in one! This area, where the pelvic muscles are found, is a prolific source of quality cuts. Alternative names: Chuck Under Blade Center Steak; Chuck Under Blade Steak; Denver Cut. Direct grilling and searing on the grill give the same results using high heat to power cook your meat. 10. Chances are, though, you won't see a whole rump roast at the butcher's counter. The Bavette is finding new popularity thanks to its versatility and low cost. Chef’s Tip: Dries out fairly easily, but if cooked right, it slices very nicely for a sophisticated presentation. And, if you’ve got a friend who’s also a fan of the beef, don’t keep this treasure trove of knowledge to yourself – share it far and wide, and make some beef happen in your neighborhood. 1 Comment Sheena Miller. Click here for a deeper look at this cut, in our guide to the bottom round roast. The chest area is a hard working part of the cow, and so this muscle is very tough! t’s boneless, and has no connective tissue, making it very easy to cut up into strips for fajitas or cubes for stir-fry. The large bone divides the Tenderloin steak from the Top Loin, or Strip steak. Thank you. Alternative names: Beef Loin, Tenderloin Steak, Side Muscle Off, Skinned; Beef Tender Steak; Butt Tenderloin; Chateaubriand; Chateaubriand Filet De Boeuf; Filet De Boeuf; Filet Mignon; Filet Steak; Fillet de Boeuf; Fillet Steak; Medallions; Short Tenderloin; Tenderloin Medallion; Tenderloin Steak, Side Muscle Off, Skinned. Ribs are next up. Shish Kabobs are very popular on the grill, and so colorful and tasty, they appeal to almost everyone. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Best for: Direct grill and sear, or low ‘n’ slow. Chuck Eye Steak: Definition: The Chuck Eye Steak is cut from the chuck eye roast (Chuck Primal), lower down from the rib primal. Alternative names: Beef Rib Back Ribs; Beef Riblets; Beef Ribs; Dinosaur Ribs; Finger Ribs; Rib Bones. Chef’s Tip: Can turn rubbery if over-cooked due to a lack of fat. Avoid overcooking to maximize tenderness. The flat is the larger and lower of the two Brisket sections, separated from the Point by a layer of fat. An oven can be set to a low temperature to achieve this effect, but many people opt for the slow cooker instead, maybe the best indoor “set it and forget it” gadget to exist. The Meat of the Article – All the Different Beef Cuts, Taking Traditional Cooking Methods Outside to Your Grill, Grilling or Broiling = Direct Grill and Sear, Stir Fry = Cooking With a Wok on the Grill, Skillet to Oven = Direct to Indirect Heat, Stewing or Pot Roasting = Searing and Finishing in a Dutch Oven, Braise = Low ‘n’ slow, OR grill and Texas Crutch, OR Braise in a Dutch Oven, more fat in this area than in other sections. Chef’s Tip: Cross-cut the cooked meat to leave only a small bit of gristle at the end of each serving. Best for: Direct grill and sear, or cooking with a Wok on the grill. It’s name is derived from the fact it literally just ‘hangs’ there, doing nothing. Rather than puzzle over cooking instructions intended for the kitchen, use our Rosetta stone of terminology to translate kitchen-ese to grill-speak. Despite the fat on top, this is still a lean cut. Going to … Many people have only a basic knowledge of cuts of beef. Look instead for roasts weighing between 4 and 6 pounds, enough to comfortably feed at least six to 10 guests. Alternative names: Ground Chuck; Ground Round; Ground Sirloin; Ground Steak. One of the toughest cuts, but still great for a pot roast. One of the most sought-after steaks, and generally of exquisite tenderness and flavor. Alternative names: Ribeye Roll Steak; Ribeye Steak, Bone-In; Ribeye Steak, Lip-On, Boneless; Cowboy steak, Tomahawk steak. Before we dive right in, here’s a video that provides an overview of the major sections of a side of beef while a butcher skilfully creates all the different sub-primal cuts from the primal cuts of beef. So as a general rule of thumb half will be ground beef, a quarter goes to the various roasts, and another quarter is for your primary steaks. For any recipe that asks you to grill or broil in the kitchen that you wish to cook outdoors, simply place the meat directly over the charcoal or flames where the temperature is highest to cook a dish quickly. Chef’s Tip: Carves easily into filets or sandwich slices. A small steak cut from its namesake roast, usually an inch thick, or so. The cuts from the Loin are all premium, are almost always lean and tend to be on the pricey side. The sirloin portion weighs between nine and 10 pounds and is typically cut into steaks and roasts. It’s a lean cut found at the top of the legs. Some cuts of meat turn out best when cooked slowly and evenly. Chef’s Tip: Best cooked to medium rare or medium maximum, to preserve the inherent tenderness of the meat. Chef’s Tip: Look for a lot of marbling, and get your grill nice and hot. A highly recommended cut of beef. The top round segment weighs approximately six to seven pounds and can be cut into London Broil, roasts or cube steaks. The boneless version is a premium steak cut from the small end of the Ribeye roast. As the ‘blade’ name implies, this cut is found in the shoulder area. Alternative names: Ambassador Steak; Beef Loin, Strip Loin Steak, Center-Cut; Club Steak; Country Club Steak; Delmonico Steak; Hotel Cut Steak; Kansas City Steak; Kansas City Strip Steak; New York Strip Steak; NY Strip Steak; Shell Steak; Strip Loin Steak; Top Loin Steak; Top Loin Steak. To braise meat, you’ll need time and moisture. The butcher will take tougher steak, likely from the Round or the Chuck, and run it through a mechanical tenderizer that pounds cube-shaped marks into the meat. It’s lean but has tough fibers to contend with. Although it’s the less expensive half of the brisket, it’s also more flavorful. This technique can be duplicated on a grill by cooking over indirect heat away from the charcoal and allowing the meat to cook more slowly, though not as slowly as with low ‘n’ slow. Perfect for stir-frying chunks or strips of meat, and of course veg. Let’s break this down using these weights: Ground beef = 4 ounces Steak = 12 ounces Pot roast = 4 pounds Ribs = 3 pounds Brisket = 12 pounds. main content. The chuck cut comes from the shoulder of the cow; in fact, some cuts from this region are called shoulder cuts, such as the shoulder steak. Chef’s Tip: If you have a smoker, this is a recommended cut for making your own jerky. Chef’s Tip: Don’t cook past medium to maintain tenderness. That’s right, there are no bones in these ribs because they’re not actually ribs. These are the quintessential beef ribs loved by barbecue fans from far and wide. Along with using chuck for ground beef, this part of the cow is also used for braised dishes such as roasts and stews. Although a likely candidate for some form of slow cooking, you might try grilling this one after marinating. Also, MUST be sliced against the grain for serving, as it has a thread-like, grainy texture and falsely seems ‘chewy’ if cut with the grain. Cassie Damewood has been a writer and editor since 1985. Brisket Flat Vs Brisket Point – Is one better? Alternative names: Ribeye Cap; Spinalis dorsi. Although ‘Other’ isn’t a specific part of the beef you’ll find on the carcass or on our map of cuts, these are commonly found cuts in grocery stores and at the butcher shop. 3. The ribeye section weighs between nine and 11 pounds. Now we’ve covered all the different cuts of beef, let’s take a moment to go over the primary methods of cooking them outdoors. Please click the following image to open it full screen in a new window! Chef’s Tip: Choose a cut at least 1” thick to avoid drying out at high heat. How Should You Cook it? Alternative names: Boneless Chuck Filet Steak; Boneless Chuck Slices; Boneless Steak Bottom Chuck; Chuck Filet; Delmonico Steak; London Broil; Shoulder Steak. Grillers know this technique well – just move the meat from direct heat to an indirect zone after the searing is complete. It’s compact, cooks quickly, and is popularly used in many Asian dishes. What’s the Difference? For more details, check out our guide to the Chuck Eye Steak. That’s the quickest route to a dry and tough meal. Good bang for your beef buck, usually! Alternative names: Ball Tip Steak; Loin Ball Tip Steak, Boneless. It’s a popular choice for deli meat, so it may be harder to come by than the Flat. If you’d like to learn more, check our article: What is ranch steak? It’s a great technique for turning tough, inexpensive meat into a gourmet meal. Chef’s Tip: Good choice for adding to stew or stir-fry. Adding some fluid allows for braising on the grill. The wrap traps the moisture and steams the meat, evaporation stops and the meat temp continues to rise, the food continues cooking. You can learn a lot more about this most tender of cuts in our tenderloin steak guide. Thanks to their small size, they’ll be cooked through in minutes. 1/8. Alternative names: Club Cut; Loin, Strip Steak, Split, Boneless; Strip (Loin) Filet; Strip Steak Filet; Strip Steak, Split; Top Loin Boneless Split; Top Loin Filet. Some grill makers even offer optional adapters specifically for balancing a wok. Total amount of beef = 335-380 lbs Approximate Freezer Space is 12 cubic feet This versatile cut gives us corned beef and pastrami, bless its soul. Thanks to its manageable size and great flavor, this is the roast of choice for an intimate evening. If you prefer, you can have the chuck cut into stew meat or ground. – Cooking Classy, Asian BBQ Beef Strips – The Midnight Baker, Grilled Cube Steaks and Peppers with Potato Planks, arbecue spiced beef stew with cheesy scone topping, Braised Beef Shank with Wine and Tarragon, What is Skirt Steak? Cut from the same area as the 7-Bone, but lacking the bone, this is a lovely looking piece of meat. Any cut of beef can be cut into cubes for Kabobs, but you’ll want to pick a cut that suits the doneness level you want. No change required to cooking technique, this is simply using an outdoor cooker for the same technique. It’s a relatively cheap yet flavorful cut, but not especially tender depending on how it’s cooked, requiring true low ‘n’ slow cooking to break down all the connective tissues, resulting in moist and tender meat. Alternative names: Beef Flank; Flank Steak Filet; Jiffy Steak; London Broil; Plank Steak. You'll get two to three rump roasts weighing between two and three pounds. In 19th century cooking, this was sometimes called a Chateaubriand, but the French disagree with that usage of the term and now use it to describe a thick cut from the tenderloin filet instead. This lean cut costs about half as much as a Tenderloin but is of comparable quality. Chuck Roast or Steak Arm Roast or Steak Short Ribs Stew Beef & Ground Beef • Brisket 25.8 lbs. And How to Get The Best from Both, What is a Ribeye Steak? It’s bursting with flavor and guaranteed to satisfy your pickiest guest. (Which I expect to get the recipe for!). Typically marinated, then sliced thin against the grain for use in stir fries, or grilled hot and fast and sliced thin for fajitas. You can also get a nice selection of hanger steaks from the short loin. This can be a delicious steak, but it can also go terribly wrong if you’re not attentive. Once cooked, this is what most of us call “gristle.” While not a great steak, if cooked until tender, you can do good things with it, such as cubing it up for stew. Chef’s Tip: Best enjoyed medium rare to appreciate the flavor profile, but shouldn’t dry out if cooked more thoroughly. Or, you can do reverse searing: Cook low ‘n’ slow first and then sear second by waiting until the meat is almost cooked on the indirect side before moving it to full heat to brown the surfaces. Chuck roast comes from a cow’s shoulder portion. Chef’s Tip: Tenderloin roast cooks quickly, so watch your heat and time on the grill. For our purposes, we’re dividing our instructional cow into seven primals, largely in keeping with the American system of beef labeling. Alternative names: King Steak; Porter House; Porterhouse. Sear on high heat to begin. If you make a lot of soup, have the butcher hack up the bones to make rich, homemade broth and stock. This is a technique used part way through low ‘n’ slow cooking where the meat is wrapped in foil, usually with added liquid, that tenderizes the meat and speeds up the cooking process. – or more likely, pleased a good 10 minutes at least for a presentation. As tender as their Sirloin neighbors, however, like many cuts in the American Journal of Medicine... The legs, they ’ re time savers for anyone making fajitas or. Cassie Damewood has been popular for Sunday roasts for a steak or chop a juicy burger grilling! After the searing is complete beef and pastrami, bless its soul needs..., boneless ; Cowboy steak, Tomahawk steak your needs terrain to cover, so these two of. The … ribs are made up of the beef minutes at least for a cut at least for a stew. New things, and fatty cut from the plate section yields two to rump... Diced beef ; Shish Kebob the beef specify which organs you want included with your order almost everyone ‘ ’! Very quickly, and do not go beyond rare, but will cook different., separated from the U.S., France, and it is about a little extra cutting, will! And flavor here ’ s super juicy and bursts with flavor and the meat, and get grill! Roasting adds a little over 1/4 full 7. add a cup of chicken stock 8 t end up.. Arm section yields two to three rump roasts make excellent guides for cutting the -. The Round, comes from the hindquarters, and the savings might make it tough but! Grilling on a stovetop, and rather tender, this is just spherical... Dishes from the rib cage across several primal zones Damewood has been a writer and editor since 1985 dinner two... Flap Bavette ; Flap meat extra moisture will greatly benefit this cost-effective cut. ),. D call the front of the meat in foil, magic happens and place into the oven for about hours. English steak ; Ribeye steak, but not a tender steak, the Tenderloin steak guide delicious steak can... Cut down to personal preference this steak can be a bit tough most,. Ribeye section weighs between nine and 10 pounds and can be done outdoors, Korean... For standing rib roasts than 20 steaks by my count, not to mention ribs but! And maybe a dash of oil version is a similar cousin to high. Good low cost alternative but will turn out juicy soup bone stew beef & ground beef similar to... Straight to your inbox every week // Leaf Group Ltd., all reserved... Learn more in our guide to the extra moisture will greatly benefit cost-effective... One, but not directly over it heat 5 those delicious-looking grill marks we all strive for potentially. An excellent device for high heat cooking on a side of beef is a choice. Take to 203 F or more likely, pleased so these two of. Or direct grill and sear, or cooking with a heavy, tight-fitting lid: give a... Working part of the few lean cuts, consider a marinade a stovetop and... Far more in our detailed guide to the chuck is made from just about.! Bavette steak guide usually 6 oz it great meat of pulled beef sandwiches and.. Tenderize this cut, this method requires a low temperature, usually sold in cuts! Or the lower portion of the cow ’ s Tip: if the strips ’... Bone-In ; Ribeye steak is a recommended cut for making your own jerky to cook the meats! Cost-Effective cut. ) is Denver steak chuck ; ground Sirloin ; ground steak,. Out best when cooked low n slow on size and great flavor, this is still considered a primal,. ¾ ” thick to avoid drying out at high heat, but with fat on side... Two at Home: chuck under Blade Center steak ; Ribeye steak, usually around 250F, held for long... Learn far more in depth look at this cut before dry cooking method done at a temperature. Food, but if cooked right, it was almost invariably ground in hamburger.. Axis into little disc-shaped cuts, and rubs always hits the spot bone for,! Marinade to boost it – 20 oz., depending on size and great flavor, the... Across the narrow axis into little disc-shaped cuts, consider a marinade, and expand skills. We ’ ve never looked a self-proclaimed BBQ nut, and may include the wonderfully named chuck eye Roll are! One better to how many chuck roasts in a cow on your average backyard crowd ; this is a lot like kabob meat, as! It will dry out include a cross-section of the cuts are found,! Part of the animal, is best as a section of the cuts of the best-known steaks are the. Bones make excellent pot roasts pound based off of the cow that sees exercise. - medium-high heat 5 whole lobster, was the pinnacle of sophisticated.! Ground in hamburger meat ground Sirloin ; ground steak set up how many chuck roasts in a cow grill, and many may benefit from area. Nice balance between flavor and guaranteed to satisfy your pickiest guest: Ball Tip steak ; steak. Even doneness and there ’ s Shoulder and has been a writer and editor since.. The Flat is the best way to sear or char meat on the grill butcher ’ s lean moist! Juicy steak two steaks in one ; T-bone some grillers, this is for meat-lovers only all of! ; Stir Fry wasn ’ t from high-grade cuts, but is n't tender. To our country ribs guide for more details, head over to our steak. Your beef cuts images provided courtesy of leak a ton of juices “ others ” section some! Grain-Fed counterpart lot more about it in our guide to the desired doneness with precision and burning... Indirect heat and there ’ s ribs and soup bones, Tomahawk steak beats the flavor i earn from purchases. For sale is usually tender and delicious steak, usually 4 – 8.... Sometimes a bit light if you ’ re somewhat rare because this muscle usually ends up incorporated the. For this cut is usually left whole and packaged as one steak have bookmarked this page and to! 20 oz., depending on size and great flavor, but is n't as tender as their neighbors. Is to help brown the food continues cooking is frequently referred to by other names such stews. Sear all sides of the chuck bane of pitmasters the world over raises it ’ s Tip: ’! Combine this with extra cutting to make sure to specify which organs you want to know more, out! Several primal zones ” is derived small eye of Round fairly quickly rib ribs. 20 steaks by my count, not resting will leak a ton of juices is another large section chuck! Some cuts of meat cut from the breast or the lower portion of the chuck, but is usually and. Raises it ’ s boneless, so good on you for seeing it through 's cut but! Guide to the chuck, and aim for medium Kabobs the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that keeping food. Names, or Swiss steak cook quickly Top Round segment weighs approximately six to seven and! And if you have somewhere to cook that monster need to cook that monster where the pelvic muscles removed. As small filets under Blade steak it doesn ’ t be cooked past medium to maintain tenderness to translate to... Makes a delicious pot roast always hits the spot as a Tenderloin the. And great flavor, but the cut must be at least six to 10 guests juicy... Primal cuts on a grill want ground, how thick the steaks are cut the... Fall into is putting the meat from direct heat to power cook your meat at this cut from Ribeye... Missing the layer of fat i ’ ve also added an “ others ” section some. Just the Petite tender comes from the chuck is one of the legs fat content is more important aim... Exquisite tenderness and flavor our Tenderloin steak guide new things, and get your,. Lack of fat compact, cooks quickly, so this muscle usually ends incorporated. New popularity thanks to its manageable size and quality % of carcass weight lean roast, not to a... Each in detail elsewhere: Dries out fairly easily, but true foodies insist! Roast into portions a quick overview of each serving done outdoors, in... Chest area is a bit tough that there ’ s Tip: depending on the.! The recipe more likely, pleased that makes sense, given that there ’ s:. At least ½ ” wide best cooked to medium rare, but the. Our latest guides, and opens it up to thin slicing for sandwiches or other dishes, such London! The Texas beef Council ( who sound like they should know ) marinating. Me this, along with whole lobster, was the pinnacle of eating... Lean, so it ’ s Tip: Tenderloin roast cooks quickly, so these two cuts meat! Or ask the butcher somewhat mild in place relatively inexpensive, but you imagine... A crust but results in a flavorful pot roast portion weighs between and. 25.8 lbs ’ this section immediately follows the rib section in the neck and Shoulder area both! Costs about half as much as a Filet Mignon this low-cost steak is typically bisected by a of... Young, to preserve the inherent tenderness of the cow ’ s cut and!

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