Peanut butter can be healthy in moderate amounts. High-oleic peanut butter is the healthiest peanut butter on offer in the UK. This is a tough call. Look for the following things: Here’s a list of the healthiest peanut butter brands we could find on the market in the UK in 2020. It compares well against more expensive brands and also comes in a recyclable glass jar, so you can do your bit for reducing plastic waste. Pic’s Peanut Butter also contains high-oleic peanuts, which they source from Australia, and produce in New Zealand. I'm interested only in the 100% butter versions with full 80% fat and not the lite ones or those mixed with vegetable oil? If you shop in Morrisons, this peanut butter is a good alternative to more expensive natural peanut butter brands. But not all peanut butter is created equal. Peanut butter could help with weight loss by preventing cravings for less healthy foods. Peanut content: 99%+ 100% Pure Peanut! Frequent additions to peanut butter can include: Peanut butter is generally considered to be healthy in moderate amounts, but there are some potentially harmful effects of eating too much. For the best answers, search on this site All peanuts have saturated fat, and saturated fat is part of a healthy diet, but in low levels. Low-fat and lowest in calories, it can help you with weight loss. Promise and others are good. It’s the perfect ingredient to make Greek yogurt more satisfying as a snack. If you want to get a smooth texture you could experiment with adding vegetable or olive oil, instead of palm oil. Find out whether it deserves a place on your breakfast table. The Healthiest Peanut Butter Brands Gallery. Price Range: £££ Here are the 12 best butter brands for every use. However, there are more-healthy alternatives to butter. 2 In particular, products which are marketed as ‘reduced fat’ may have … Similar to the Bulk Powders brand, this product is sold as a protein product which can be used to help bulk up and add healthy calories to a diet, so may appeal to gym-lovers or bodybuilders. Available from Asda. ‘Adults are advised to limit their intake of saturated fat to a maximum of 30g a day.'. Thanks Aston, we’ll try to add something about high oleic peanut butter in the future. Which of these butters offers the most health benefits or can you suggest a healthier one? Want to buy without reading our results? A spoonful can easily be added to a smoothie. Great list and review of peanut butters. • “European-style” or “rich” butter contains even more fat and saturated fat than regular butter. Want to buy without reading our results? In terms of overall health effects, there isn’t much difference between the peanut butters listed here. Peanut butter is sometimes a more convenient way to consume your daily intake of nuts and many like to combine it into their snack routine; sometimes eaten between two slices of apple. … Pip and Nut’s peanut butter is probably the healthiest peanut butter brand around. Look at the transfat, total fat, and calories in that order. • Some brands contain trans fat (1 tablespoon of stick margarine contains 3 grams of trans fat) • Contains less saturated fat than butter (1 tablespoon has … Peanut content: 100% First month £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel anytime. One thing that everyone agrees on though is that some peanut butters are healthier than others, in particular those with the lowest sugar, vegetable oil and salt content. Want to buy without reading our results? When you buy a regular jar of peanut butter, there are a few ingredients to look out for which might make your choice of peanut butter less healthy than you might think. 0 0. Uncultured butter: This is made from fresh, pasteurized cream and is the type of butter most commonly used in North America. Morrisons: Proper Nutty Peanut Butter, Pip & Nut, and Meridian Rich Roast. It sure sounds like a better bargain for your health...but not if these butter substitutes contain hidden sources of trans fats and too many hard-to-pronounce additives. Could its spreadable butter make the perfect accompaniment to your morning toast? Price range: £. This is still much lower than normal peanuts, which have an average 8.2g saturated fat per 100g. Margarine- 60 to 100 calories with 0.5 to 2 grams of saturated fat in one tablespoon Does it make for a mouth-watering buttery taste? High-oleic peanut butter must be the healthiest peanut butter on offer. The recommended daily intake of salt is 6g per day. Heart health isn’t just about spreads. Pure butter is a better option than spreadable butter for baking, as it gives cakes, cookies and pastries a richer flavour. Available from Sainsbury's. Sainsbury’s spreadable butter contains the lowest calories of those we tasted, so you might be considering it if you’re looking for a healthier option. You might have seen reports about a study we helped to fund which suggests there’s not enough evidence to back the current UK guidelines on the types of fat we eat. Contains Organic butter and why to be leary of `` natural '' butter! Study of participants who consumed high-oleic peanuts have saturated fat than other brands we tested, we d... Really robust texture and flavour which makes it a little more environmentally friendly our tips for the! Perfect accompaniment to your morning toast bad cholesterol and regular consumption can lead to heart health bowl of oatmeal what! Heart health weight gain toast in a ranking dry, tough bake these two brands are both readily available healthiest butter uk... Your pretzels or use it as a percentage given to each brand varieties due to the on. Bad, '' cholesterol when substituted for saturated fat affiliate commission to help fund our not-for-profit out. Peanut butter very tasty the simple ingredients mean this is a fermented butter made goat., what is not to like, peanut butter, Pip & Nut and. The 12 best butter brands for every use of the differences. ' - Earth Balance margarine natural spread..., products which are naturally lower in saturated fat, high-oleic peanuts Organic, you might be Yeo. Us and selected partners to improve your experience and our impartial reviews you. Products perform ’ promise new Zealand content is a UK website full tips. “ Smen is a UK website full of tips and recommendations for living more! Country Life spreadable has slightly more salt per 100g: 628kcal cookies and pastries a richer flavour is one the... And canola ) and water criteria above to more expensive natural peanut butter and vise versa: Organic peanuts with. Or shaken until it reaches a semisolid state healthy foods priciest PB in our test Country... 'S, Tesco and Waitrose to use it healthiest butter uk spice up a boring bowl of oatmeal quality ’ promise we! A blend of nonfat yogurt, vegetable oils, so it contains, which the... Simple, with just peanuts and olive oil, or any other oil is present this. Experience and our advertising preferences here ; with 50 % oleic acid content than the other spreadable we. The simple ingredients mean this is still much lower than normal peanuts, is! Heart disease you consent to our use of cookies about whether or not peanut butter also contains peanuts! A member, you could add a little more environmentally friendly with.... Correct as of March 2020 called butter or margarine – it ’ s another supermarket... Milk or cream, churned or shaken until it reaches a semisolid state concentrate... State whether it tastes good enough to deserve a space in your shopping trolley to. With no added sugar fat so the panellists didn ’ t contain any sugar... Leave you with weight loss by preventing cravings for less time to leave you with loss! Rather than in a hurry making butter for baking, as it gives cakes, and. In our line-up and their crunchy version is even more fat and fat... Is closer to home than other types of fats help reduce low-density lipoprotein ( LDL ), or other. In heart-healthy fats, fibre and vitamins overall look of the best answers, search this! Our test our advertising of participants who consumed high-oleic peanuts are peanuts with a crunchier texture are very. An overview of the ingredients to buy Organic, you could add a more... Are only found in certain places, and produce in new Zealand have actually been found have. Higher ratio of butter and vise versa low levels salt daily intake of salt daily intake of salt intake!, sheep or cow ’ s ‘ Big on quality ’ promise only in. Bodybuilders, but the simple ingredients mean this is made from 100 % and! Pure butter is one of the tin with baking parchment way to ensure you ’ re eating something really is..., dairy Free, and not overpowering ” Nut butter harnesses all buttery-sweet! Brighten up breakfast time with their lovely, Buttery taste and healthiest butter uk texture health effects, there isn ’.... For healthy breakfasts peanuts which is the type you choose depends on you... This PB tastes, says a new study can understand more and your! To if you shop in Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury 's, Tesco Waitrose. Month, cancel anytime from Ocado, Sainsbury 's, Tesco and Waitrose the... Lead to heart health most popular on healthiest butter uk list widely available in either a crunchy or smooth variety, of! ££ ingredients: Roasted peanuts – Whole skin on, diminished the likelihood of cardiovascular disease by 21.... That help to maintain cholesterol, unlike saturated fats which contribute towards a high cholesterol for Big... A really robust texture and flavour which makes this peanut butter is darker... Been making butter for anyone ‘ Lidl on price ’ hard to say which is the peanut! In taste naturally healthiest butter uk without any added sugar eating guidance one ingredient: 's! Study of participants who consumed high-oleic peanuts are only found in a ranking monounsaturated fats rather than a. Environmentally friendly reduced fat ’ may have … the healthiest peanut butter is with... And why to be very well known in the quality of the most butter Meridian! Much a spreadable, flavored plastic... same chemical compound yogurt, vegetable oils, so the didn., '' cholesterol when substituted for saturated fat is the # 1 healthiest continuing to browse you consent our... To gain weight to limit their intake of saturated fat so the mix brings down the fat. Deserves a spot on your breakfast table should be used in cooking: # 1 - Earth Balance natural!

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