— They have different grain sizes or textures. — They cooled at different rates. granite diorite gabbro. Mineral Composition: Predominantly Glass. The differences between Andesite and Diorite are in their grain size and their cooling rate. ... Diorite was used extensively by ancient civilizations for vases and other decorative artwork and is still used for art today (Figure below). Intrusive Equivalent: diorite or gabbro. Andesite forms when magma quickly crystallizes on the surface of the earth. Which rock is sedimentary in origin and formed as a result of chemical processes? Diorite produced coarse grain sizes from slow cooling. Diorite, gabbro, anorthosite — the three root names in this field are separated according to the colour index and the average composition of their plagioclase ... the main difference between these two rocks is the formation process or the cooling rate of the liquid rock that they initiate. The same magma on Andesite and Diorite rapidly crystallizes on the Earth's surface and forms Andesite. What is the origin and rate of formation of this rock? This probably is due to the very fine soot particles functioning as nucleation sites for bubble formation during nucleate boiling. Origin: Extrusive/Volcanic. Cooling Rate: rapid, extrusive. — They formed differently 10. GABBRO BASALT DIORITE ANDESITE (PORPHYRY) GRANITE RHYOLITE PUMICE OBS ID AN Cooling History/Texture Slow Cooling and Coarse Grained Fast Cooling and Fine Grained Very Fast Cooling and Glassy/Cellular Mafic and Dark Color Felsic The rate of cooling of a magma or lava is reflected by the _____ of the rock. This slow cooling gives a large grain size. Identify the cooling rate (fast, slow, or two-staged) and cooling environment (magma chamber, eruption from volcano, or deep cooling followed by eruption) of the rock in each image. Grain Size & Cooling Rate. ... very rapid cooling slow cooling slow followed by rapid cooling none of the above. Igneous Rock Textures and Cooling Rates ! As magma cools, it begins to crystallise and form solid rock. Other Characteristics: vesicular like pumice, but denser and darker with larger vesicles. Diorite is slowly crystallized inside the earth. Diorite is plutonic and andesite is volcanic. This rapid cooling provides a rock with small crystals. The video below is a clip of crystals forming in solution. Cooling rate and gas content create other textures (see Figure below for examples of different textures). Lavas that cool extremely rapidly may have a glassy texture. Igneous rocks are made up of several different mineral crystals that grow within the melt as it cools. However, additions of soot also caused the temperature at maximum cooling to decrease. 16. Diorite slowly crystallized inside the Earth. Which is more likely, a granite dike, a diorite dike or a gabbro dike? — One forms from cooling magma, and one forms from cooling lava. The higher the rate of cooling the smaller the size of the crystals. Phaneritic: coarse grain, individual crystals are visible - slow cooling. Differences - in grain size and cooling rate. — One is extrusive and one is intrusive. The rate of cooling is proportional to the difference in temperature between the bodies in contact with heat flowing from the warmer body to the cooler body. (1) plutonic with slow cooling (2) plutonic with rapid cooling (3) volcanic with slow cooling (4) volcanic with rapid cooling . The proposed semi-empirical cooling rate correlation was valid for GMR and temperature values ranging from 1.3 to 8.3 and 293 K to 571 K, respectively [40]. Crystals in magma grow in a similar way as the melt cools. Click each image to examine the rock's texture and infer its cooling rate and environment. Tectonic Environment: Divergent Boundary or Intra-oceanic hot spots 3. The maximum cooling rate increases as the amount of soot increases in the quench oil.

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